I made my aversion to beaches fairly clear in my last post. Why then did I find myself in Weston-super-Mare yesterday, famously (or infamously in my case) home to one of those pesky landforms?

In truth, I kept my distance from Weston Bay. I was there to watch the mighty Weston-super-Mare FC play at their Woodspring Stadium versus Dover Athletic FC. I had never witnessed a non-league football match before and was not expecting much in the way of quality. As David Brent once stated , “Don’t assume, it makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’” and, accordingly, I was made to to look a bit of an ass (better that than a beach-dwelling Weston donkey though!).The match was fantastic and I met some lovely people.

Ass or donkey?

Ass or donkey?

The previous night I had attended a friend’s birthday party in London and let’s just say I was a little worse for wear come match-day. The hospitality of the club though was immediately apparent and my hangover subsided. In fact, every person I met in Weston was lovely. Take the taxi driver who took me from the train station to the ground: he looked like Grant Mitchell and had one of those Lil Wayne teardrop tattoos beside his left eye. Someone once told me that you get this tattoo as a sign that you have killed someone. This cabby however was genuinely the nicest I’ve ever had the pleasure of ‘riding shotgun’ for.

Grant giving me a lift to the ground.

Grant giving me a lift to the ground.

Upon my arrival at the ground I took up my seat in the director’s box. I’m not entirely sure that’s where I was supposed to be but I was soon barricaded in by a few Weston old boy stalwarts. They took me in straight away and I felt at home. What’s more, ‘The Seagulls’ went on to win the game 2-1 with a last-gasp(ish) winner from the impressive Dayle Grubb, a rasping shot from twenty yards. I had so much fun that I often forgot I was there for a job. It was my first time match reporting for ‘Football Exclusives’ who are “Revolutionising the coverage of non-league football”. Roll on 8 March for Weston’s next home fixture against Whitehawk FC! I had to look up where Whitehawk was and discovered it is in Brighton, where I used to live. Yes, I am aware that Brighton also has a beach!

Having already mentioned Dover, I am afraid this post is becoming beach-centric. I therefore must the wave you goodbye (pun intended). Bye.



For anyone interested, here is my match report for Weston-super-Mare FC v. Dover Athletic FC:


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